Saturday, April 18, 2009

the history of liverpool football club

If it wasn't for one man, Liverpool Football Club would never have been born. When Everton left Anfield in a dispute over rent in 1892, club chairman John Houlding stayed behind along with a handful of supporters and just three first-team players. But he was determined to see football continue at the ground. He formed a new club from scratch, chose the name Liverpool… and created a legend.

The story begin when John Holulding bought everton to anfiled in 1884. Their preveiously rented a little field in Priority Road, north of Stanley Parak. They reason they move to anfiled because they were unwelcome with the noisy crowds on match days.

The conflict started between Houlding and Everton Board when the rent at anfield went up. John Houlding suggested that Everton should have their own ground and wanted them to to buy anfield and the land adjoining. Unfortunately most Everton FC board members failed to share his forward thinking,lacked confidence disagree with his idea.

The official split between Hulding and Everton tool pace on the 12th of March 1892. Then, it was followed by the formed of Liverpool FC on the 15th of Mrach 1892. It was at John Houlding’s house in Anfoeld Road that he and his close friends left from Everton FC, formed a new club. William E. Barclay, a great football enthusiast, strongly suggested that they should go on a new nama: LIVERPOOL.

Barclay had been the first secreatary at Everton when they became a league club in 1888, and so in turn became the first secretary at Liverpool.

On the first of September 1892 Liverpool FC played their first match at Anfield. The opponents were Rotherham in a Friendly. A couple of days later Liverpool played teir first match in the Lanchashire League, and LFC won heavily by eight goals to nil. The captain on that they is MCVEAN, who won the toss and chose to play towards Anfied Road in the first half, a tradition many Liverpool captains have followed to this day. The club's first competitive match was at home to Higher Walton on September 3rd 1892 with Liverpool yet again winning 8-0.

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